Right, hopefully there are at least some people on UG interested in this great game.

Well the first 2 test matches of this year have basically been awesome. Australia fighting back to somehow beat Pakistan (despite being owned for the first few days), and now England somehow holding on to force a draw with South Africa. Hopefully this trend will continue and bring back a big researgence towards interest in test cricket, as opposed to this Twenty20 crap.

Is anybody here going to the test at Bellerive? I got my tickets yesterday. Hill ftw!

inb4 cricket is boring, etc.
cricket is boring, etc.

I've honestly never been able to get into it, however. Nothing against it, just not my thing.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

I remember sitting there watching Aus V Pak, and cheering every wicket with my dad, in the last innings , was brillant.
And last night i stayed up watching the online scoring of Eng V SA, how ENG survived i will not know. I wish i could of watched Dale Steyns new ball burst in the 4th innings, looks like stuff of legends