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Some of you may remember this song. I posted it a while ago, it was one of my first songs. I said I was gonna add another guitar, and I forgot about it. But I finally got around to it, and it sounds much better. I also added a "bass" track (a guitar lowered an octave).

As always I will return crit, just leave me a link.

overall i liked the song. the tone on the guitar in the intro was really grating to my ears though. your cymbals sounded to loud and sometimes just seemed thrown in for no reason. nice leads.

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Wow, really awesome stuff! Some really good riffs in there that took turns I didn't expect, which I like (ie the beginning). The drums also sound really good, what'd you use for them? I will agree with monwobobbo, though, sometimes the cymbal accents seemed off and the cymbals were a bit loud. Only other criticsms are that your low ends were a bit buzzy and that it wasn't long enough
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THe song was actually pretty cool. Gave me a slight symphony X feel but not a complete cop off. The riffing was pretty cool, although i wasnt a huge fan of the guitar tone. The drums werent bad either, but you gotta lower the cymbals, they drown everything out, including the rest of the drums. either way pretty good song C4C?
I like the intro... hahaa nice effect... herm... Is this suppose to be an Instrumental?? or its soon will have a vocal... great riff.... but If you can put some more effort on the lead for the story telling... it would be great... cos I can hear the gypsy influence just a lil... maybe some more will give a dramatic effect to your already awesome piece here...