Does ANYONE have the tabs for zakk wylde version of bark at the moon.

i cant find it on the tabs here but i know SOMEONE must have it and a good version of it.

its basically the same but theres certain parts that id like to learn and im not very good with the listen and do it thing.

all i know is that its a half step down and that its awesome. though i do like them equally id like to learn the zakk wylde one instead.
Imo, I've been playing that song for a while now and it's one of the funnest songs I know to play. I'd really suggest learning the Jake version first, then you'll hear a little clearer how Zakk made it his own. It's just Zakk being Zakk. Pinch Harmonics & trills.. ect thrown in here & there. Do yourself a favor and learn the original. It still rocks, and like I said, it's FUN to play. GL!