Is this software worth getting?
If so anyone know where i can get it from? I cant find online anywhere! keep in mind i live in the UK.

Jackson DKMG
Peavey 6505 Head
Orange PPC412
Boss NS-2
Isn't that just an expansion for Gearbox?

In my experience Gearbox does just fine for metal tones.
you can purchase it through line 6 on their website www.line6.com just go to model packs and click the one you want.

if you're big in to metal and want more variety in tone than what you currently have then yes its worth it. i notice that you have a 6505, the metal shop pack has a 5150 II (6505+) model so that can get you pretty darn close to the actual amp you have which would be probably the biggest upside to buying it. that way your recordings can almost perfectly resemble your live tone.