whats the best bass i can buy under 250 dollars thanks.
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The Ibanez gsr200 is pretty good.

The Squier Vintage Modified series is pretty decent too.

What kind of music do you play?
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u culd get some squier bass. that will probably be uder ur bugit

Please tell me you're joking with that typing.

TS: there is no 'best' bass under 250, or under/over any other budget for that matter, it's all a matter of opinion. If you have no experience whatsoever with bass then the best gauge for you would be how comfortable a bass feels in your hands in general, so go get your hands on as many basses within your budget as you can. No-one else will be able to tell you what's best for you - for example I really like the Ibanez GSRs as starter basses, and absolutely HATE the squire series, whereas other people have the exact opposite opinion.
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Your fairly safe with a squier vintage modified jazz bass.
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Squier VM's are really good and Ibanez came out with an upgraded model of the GSR200 called the GSR200ex which looks to be quite good as well. And though I recommend those 2, as mentioned above its best if you can get a chance to hold them and see which feels right to you
As an alternative to the Squier's and Ibanez's mentioned already (brilliant basses in their own right) A Peavey Millennium BXP may fall into your budget. I played a passive 5 string one, and it was really good My friend gets a really nice punchy, growly tone out of hers. And the active one (if budget allows) apparantly has Cirrus pickups. Those are a few models up, so it would be wise to get that if you can.

But of course, go out and play some basses first
Why has no one said SX yet? you can find a very good one well under your budget and itll be better than the GSR and those squiers.
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Why has no one said SX yet? you can find a very good one well under your budget and itll be better than the GSR and those squiers.

It very probably won't.

SXs build quality at that price is ok at best and the electronics seem like they are out of a 'my first electronics' set.
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The Ibanez, Peavey and Squiers are all good, have a look at the Cort Action Bass which I chose having tried all the others, very playable, looks good and doesn't do anything wrong and owners are generally very happy with them. It's a VW Golf of a bass.

Choose any of the above but try them out and see what you like, take someone you trust who plays bass with you. You can always do what I did as I couldn't play a note. I chose a good guitar shop (Mansons in Exeter) and got them to demo the guitars, all of the above incidentally plus a Yamaha. When he got to the Cort the sales guy muttered something about being better than he remembered and just got lost in his playing. That was good enough for me.

Look in the FAQ's at the top of the forum and go to the reviews from the menu bar at the top of the page for more ideas and info.
the forum dudes are right get a Squire....I got one for $199 plus the case...sounds great and is a keeper................