ight so i just went on the esp website and looked at the 2010. there H series and PB series ripped off the schecter hellraiser and the solo 6. sorry if there is already a topic about this. i was to lazy to see if there was
there is, but yeah youre right its kinda cheating
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also, yeah i saw the similarities too, but i think that the build quality of ESP (even LTD) far surpasses that of Schecter. I've played a ton of both brands and the Schecters always feel plasticky and the upper fret access isn't as good as it could be (stops my hands at around 22).

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Oh boo hoo, Schecter and ESP make essentially the same guitars anyway.
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i just got schecters new damien series in an email.. and they are all metallic finish now. they have the 6 string/7/8 and solo 6 verison of it now.. they have a special FR instead of licensed which i think won't be too good. and they all have active 81/85 emgs in er now. and the price went up like 100$
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Oh boo hoo, Schecter and ESP make essentially the same guitars anyway.

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