I usually find myself practicing sitting down when learning a new song/bassline. I'm trying to get into the habit of standing to prepare myself for gigs
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depends on the bassline im playing.
Sometimes, if the line is really fun to play, ill stand up and move around, but if its like a a slower type of thing, i'll sit down.
I sit down. I wish I didn't, it would be better to stand. Just a bad habit I picked up.
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I only sit when I'm learning a new song or playing exercises.

If I know the song by memory or am just playing over stuff then I usually stand.

If I know the song it's hard for me to just sit there and play it
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I practice sitting down unless I'm at band practice. I never really had any difficulty switching to standing though.
Makes little to no difference comfort wise, I wear my bass high (top horn over my left nipple). Sometimes I feel the need to stand up and practice though.
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Standing always. When I started bass it was with the thought of being in a band so I've always practiced from that perspective and now Its the only way thats comfortable to me.
I've never really thought about it til now. I've realised I do proper practising sitting down, but I'll just run through stuff standing up.

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Always standing. I started that way, always been taught to do it that way and planned on gigging/playing with a band.
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Both. Probably sitting down more than standing up.
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this might sound really retarded, but i occasionally practice in front of a mirror, since an old band i was in rented a community centre, with a mirror wall, for practices, and we used to practice in front of it to see how we looked from a stage point of view.

it helped us out a lot, in terms of stage presence and making a show of the music, rather than just playing.

i rarely practice bass sat down tbh, even if its a slow line, i like to really get into it, haha.

however gay/vain/stupid you think it sounds, i urge you to try it. it has loads of benefits:

-gets you ready for gigs
-lets you see how stage moves or hand technique look
-takes your eyes from your fretboard (a major plus for beginners)

I use a mirror too! I guess it's just vanity

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By myself at home Im sitting but standing at band rehersals. IVe done the mirror thing to helps with not looking down at your instrument all the time. No one likes to go to a show to see the whole band looking at the ground all the time. Gotta make eye contact. How else you going to see the hotties shaking their asses at ya?
If just playing bass/learning a new song/silent practice with headphones, I sit down, but if I do vocals, 99% I'm standing, since I can breathe better.
I sit while I'm 'noodling' on my bass, otherwise I'm stood up, preparing for band practice and gig.
I mostly practice sitting down, except when I'm with the band, the only issue I sometimes find is that things I play standing are odd or uncomfortable angles for my hand, so if I learn sitting down when I play standing up it feels off even if I'm playing it right.
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