Poll: How much do you play?
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1 Hour or less
26 30%
1-2 Hours
33 38%
2-3 Hours
14 16%
3-4 Hours
8 9%
4-5 Hours
3 3%
5+ Hours
2 2%
2 2%
Voters: 88.
Personally I play at least 2-3 hours every day, sometimes i play about 5.
Most I've ever played was 7 hours 3 days in a row when I got my new guitar.

How about you guys?
if i have time, about an hour, but with work, kids and side jobs, that rarely happens
Hour or two when I do. These days I'm pretty busy and sometimes I go a week or so without picking up a guitar. Then every once in a while I go on a guitar bender and play for 8 hours or so straight.
If I'm stressed for time 1 1/2 hours a day. Standard practices and routines while trying to rebuild my chops from not having a guitar for a good 7 or 8 months...totally killed me.
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I play roughly about 5 hours a day (Guitar and bass included as 1), but mainly guitar-the advantage of not having anyhting to do!
2 1/2 hours at school, 1 at lessons, 1 at home. thats about average for day i have a lesson.
About an hour and a half due to school work and work around the house, half an hour is spent practicing technique, half an hour is spent learning musical theory, the other half is spent just jamming.
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Hour or two when I do. These days I'm pretty busy and sometimes I go a week or so without picking up a guitar. Then every once in a while I go on a guitar bender and play for 8 hours or so straight.

Pretty much.
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1-2 hour straight jamming... Unless its band day, then 3-5+ hour practicing our song and jamming
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have you been playing for two weeks?

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I have no idea... it varies wildly to say the least. One day I can sit and play for 7-8 hours but other days I won't play at all...
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I play two to three hours on weekdays but on the weekends it's more and if I get asked to gig it's more. I don't belong to a band but some of my old bands ask me to do a song or two. Now if you include the time I spend trying out guitars it can be more like 5+ hours a day. I can't be within a mile of a guitar shop without stopping by.

errrr 1-2 hours usually but sometimes more
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most days it's 2-4 hours although a few times (on boring sundays) i've played for 13 hours with gaps only for meals in between

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Up to now I used to play for about 3 hours a day. Now with university I don't have much time and maybe play for about 2 hours a week at most
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This poll makes me feel sad

I usually play 2 sessions, probably about 20-25 minutes each. I find the 2-a-days are much better than one long session, dunno why, my brain just likes it.
Normally, I play 2-3 Hours a day. Thing is, going longer than 2-3 hours in a row isn't effective, and you're loosing your concentration very quickly playing much longer, and ineffective practice is, although not useless, not far off.