hi, i recently got a new guitar with a licensed floyd
i set it up and tuned it the other day and all of a sudden one of the strings popped out of the string blocks.
this has happened before on different strings, what could the problem be?
cheers for help possible
thighten the block more or maybe you broke the string
more likely that you dont thighten the block enough
i was so sure it was as tight as possible without breaking it though.. maybe this is yet another quick of a licensed floyd
Quote by MeLodicDethMTL
Make sure the string goes in deep enuf and tighten it as much as possible

ive ruled both of these out, it has to be something else, although i have since re tuned and set it up and no problems so far..
It could be that you tightened it to much, and crushed the string. Have you loosened the block to see if there are any pieces of string inside the hole that would suggest the string breaking?

Does it look like the string has broken at all at the bottom, or are
you positive that it's slipping?
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