Ok I wrote this when I was bored, I'm gonna record it soon but I just wanted to put the lyrics up here and see if anyone likes them. Its basically a raggae-ish song making fun of people that do drugs and brag about it in my school. The violent end part just happened... I don't really know how, I guess I'm just messed up.

It seems nowadays everyones talking about it
People smoking marijuana we've got heroin addicts
Crackheads beat their kids and meth is sold around town
But I've got a little message that I'd like to send around

We don't need any drugs
Find a junkie and give him a hug
Can the cannibus and ditch the coke
I don't care If you're sofa spoke to you

How would YOU like to be burned alive???
Do you know how many kittens die each time... 5
So trash those papers throw away that bong
If you really want to get arrested.... make a bomb

Because we don't need any drugs
Get something sharp it'll really be lots of fun
Drug dealers stop getting people high
It's time to die

We don't need any drugs
Guns and knives are really lots of fun
Save the money that you were going to spend
And cut off someones head instead
that was freaky. it was all happy and everything, and then you're talking about cutting people's heads off.

other than that, it was pretty good. although I didn't get the part about kittens...
"If you really want to get arrested.... make a bomb"

This seems like a more harmful alternative to the community than doing drugs.

I was going to put "every time you do drugs" after it, but that wouldn't have gone with the song, so I just figured I'd gamble a little and see if people knew what it meant

... and to the post above, I realize that but I made this song as a joke, making fun of people who do drugs and act like they're badasses. So really all the violent parts are just pretty much saying that doing the drugs are pretty much as stupid as actually going out and killing a whole bunch of people. Of course that's in my own opinion, you can interpret the song however you'd like.
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