as the title says....
when i write music, i tend to be more on the hard rock/metal side. my lyrics however seem to "emotional", too "passionate" and too "heartbreaking" as my bandmates and others have said. i completely agree with them.

the thing is, i want to keep all my lyrics and try to write some music that fits my style of lyrics (think "Bring Back the Sun" or "Not Enough" by Our Lady Peace). I know how to play both of these songs as well as similar things, but every time i try to write something like this (music) it fails horribly. my band members are closer than i am but still no luck. for us metal and hard rock music is just so easy to do and we have the lyrics to back it up but we dont want to be stuck just in that sort of genre.

any advice on how we can write something more like these sorts of songs (i dont mean the power chord chorus obviously). how do you guys do it? any chord progressions or scales or anything that we could work with?
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