First post in about a week or so, haven't had much inspiration lately.
Still haven't had a good song idea in a while, but here's a poem that I wrote.
Please leave your opinions on it and a piece that I may crit in return.

Shadow In The White

I've always marveled
At how quietly snowflakes
Meld into footprints, making the trail
Unreadable. As if testing me
To see how one would act
If one were never caught.
It endowed me with a sense of evanescence
That I would not, could not, possibly be tracked.
A forgiving wind would dust my prints away
Gently scolding at me for stepping so deep.
The snowflakes taught me all they knew.
How to wait,
How to watch,
And the magics of disappearing from the face of the Earth,
In as short of time as it takes a tear to slide off a face,
Unknowingly contributing to my domain.

I became the shadow in the white.
Grateful for the safety net that I'd slip behind
And wait with blurry, stinging eyes
And watch the world wonder
I was always disappointed at
How poorly snow absorbed the color red.
And how it took excruciatingly longer,
To mask a crooked, bloody trail.