I'm looking to sell my Monterey SG which I bought for Au$350 and has been a delight to play for the last two years. It's a regretful sale but I need the money for a new car so any offer will be noted. I live on the south coast of NSW Australia so just ask any question about postage and I am sure that we can work something out. Below is a picture of the guitar when it was brand new and I have just given it a polish and a restring and it looks much the same. It may not sound like a $2000 Gibson but with a descent amp it's not far from it. Great for metal, hard rock etc when distorted and gentle melodies when clean. Now the two highest strings start to go slightly out of tune when played near the 12th fret but this has only just occurred and could probably be fixed with a small adjustment of the tuneomatic bridge or by taking it to a local guitar shop (I will try to do this within the next few days). So I conclude by saying that this is a fabulous instrument in both looks and sound and a buy that i doubt you will regret so feel free to ask any questions or make an offer if you are interested.
about the out of tune thingy...just check the intonation.
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yea it is the intonation all the strings are fine though except the two highest which play slightly low at the 12th which i have just been trying to fix. Strangely I cant adjust the bridge to move the saddles any further towards the pickups, maybe the truss rod needs a tweak of the bridge height needs adjustment, I'm not sure, but what ever it is has only started recently so surely i can fix it up soon. any suggestions?
ok i have fixed all problems of intonation and i've given it a nice polish. I'm actually pretty tempted to keep it myself but anyone who makes a good enough offer wont be refused