What's up everyone, I'm looking for a set up that I can get a nice drone sound from, but still be able to turn down the bass and play some different stuff. I'm basically looking for an head/cab combo and a guitar that will enable me to play anything really. at this point, there's no budget, but if there was, it would be ~$800 for guitar, and ~$1000-$1200 for the head and cab. i know shecters have good sustain and mesa boogies have good bass, but i am really just looking for an extreme range of sounds (aka. i can go from a good drone sound, to reggae/ska) the low-end drone sound will be more important, but i would still like a wide range of sounds possible. any suggestions?

thanks so much in advance for any help.
Obligatory from me: Line 6 Spider Valve MkII. Tons of fun effects to fool around with, a great tonal spectrum, running 4 6L6s in the power and 2 12AX7s in the pre so it is a tube, and it sounds like this is what you're looking for. Go to a GC and play around with one, see if you like it. You'll see what I'm talking about with the broad range of tones...the presets in this thing are great (if sometimes a bit excessive) and if you have an idea for a tone in your head, some fiddling around and you'll probably come damn near close. I got mine used for 700 and bought a 2x12 Mesa cab for 350.

The way I see it it's an amp for people who want lots of amps but don't have the money. :p And as I always say, it does a great job of making the sounds you want, but it's not going to blow you away since it's not really being catered towards one sound or style (for example, you think Peavey 6505, you think metal. Not the case here. You think Spider Valve, you think 'tons of sounds done well').
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