Oh I forgot,

The first file is called: Unstable Frontier, (Awesome power metal/Melo death style)
Second: Sith Lord (Power metal/Melodeath style)
Third: Trolls and caves (Folk/Black Metal Style)
Fourth: Northern Call (Melodeath style)
Fifth: Industrialize (Not sure what style xD)
Thingy: Personally, the only thing i liked was the "intro" but then it just got repetitive when you used the same picking pattern for the riff beginning with D# minor (i think).

Trolls and Caves: I don't know about those effects at the beginning, doesn't really fit for me. I liked when the guitars come in and then you build it up at well but i think that final repeat with the 16ths might be a bit much. That riff after i think can stay, it will find nicely as a transition imo.
Lols, I forgot about that riff at the end. xD

Thank you for the feed back, I had a feeling a lot of my stuff might be a tad repetitive.
Alright, lets go:

Unstable Frontier:
Really liked the intro, except for the fact that there was no bassline...
The riff after that (42-49) is pretty cool, assuming there are vocals over it. Without vocals this part will sound repetitive as hell.
Bars 62-73 were really cool.
74-89 was nice, but it felt like you're overkilling that C-C-G#-A# routine. I think you should re-write this part with a different backing.
Liked the harmony and the ending.

Sith Lord:
Liked it a lot. Has great potential.

Trolls and Caves:
Those effects in the beginning were pretty pointless in my opinion.
The riff is awesome - but the last repeat with the 16th is too much. Maybe if you add some solo or something over it it would sound better.
The part after that is nice. Builds up nicely into... well, nothing. But whatever it builds up into, it's doing it nicely :P
Liked the part at bar 45. Cool.

Northen Call:
Your first song where the bass actually does something.
The problem with this song is that it has lots of riffs, and you repeat each and every one of them many times. Especially that part at 50-73.
The clean part at the end was pretty boring, I think. The bass line is nice, but i think the drumming potential of that part was not fullfiled. Again, it's good assuming there are vocals over it. Otherwise, not that good.

My favorite one here. Waiting for the full song :P
Thanks for the crit'.

I'll go over Northern Calls, I chose one at random.
At the beginging, it's sounded very generic and metalcore-y, if I'm honest. Was the clean guitar deliberate? You don't hear that much in heavier music. It's hard to tell if it would work in a recording because of how robotic MIDI stuff normally sounds, but props for doing someout a bit out of the ordinary. All the riffs seem to sound pretty similar to me, the drums could use spicing up a bit, they're very bland and generic. I liked the solo, very basic, but it worked. 91 was good, that section was a favourite part for me. The bass is good there aswell. Outroy bit ruined it for me a bit, you had that cool thing going on, and then went back into generic metal riff.

Overall, I wouldn't say it was awesome like the title of this thread suggests. But it's definantly not bad, it's just a bit generic, and everything you have in here has been done a million times before. 7/10
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only got time to crit the first two, will do some others later when i got some time
first off, duno why the guitar are clean, im guessing you switch RSE on and it changes or something? I dont have RSE so i just swithced to distortion guitar

First song has some great riffs ! very killswitch engage, these riffs really make the song and sound great. The last section has loads of potential, but just didnt really do it for me, the riffs are great but id definatly get a ryhthm guitar in there to bring it all together. Sweeps were cool, wernt too keen on one of the second shape though. Also to give the song a bit more depth you could add a clean breakdown, or something like that.
Sweet song though, would sound great in reality.

I looked at the second song too which i cant really say much about, was pretty awesome, definatly get more tracks in there, and i love the style, some great riffs in there too.
PART TWO: Pretty simple, but by no means bad. However, it might be a BIT too straightforward. It follows that 0-0-8-10 chord progression for almost the entire song (even the sweeps. Not sure if that works very well...) My favorite part had to be the outro.

Thingy: Some good ideas in this one. Lacking structure, obviously cause you haven't finished it, but it has good potential.

Trolls and Caves: Unlike those who mentioned it before me, I rather like the intro. The 1 note that the strings hit sounded oppressive as hell. Though I'm not a fan of that 1-1-1 chord as the 2nd intro starts. The riff itself is pretty cool though. The second riff is alright, but nothing special... The one at the end has potential to be something awesome.

Northern Call: Was alright up until the solo, which was cool, especially bars 40-41. 106-109 had me headbanging.

And I'm feeling too tired to crit Industrialize, even though I've already listened to it. It'd be probably end up being something like "Yeah it was alright, etc. etc." anyway.
Listened to Unstable Frontier:

I really liked this, although it isn't a genre I'm into.
One thing I didn't like was that the bassline in the solo (the part starting at bar 90) felt odd, the way it would stop and start, mainly the bars with the eighth note, rest, then halfnote.
Overall though, I felt like this was a pretty cool piece, although it looked like you tried too hard to go outside of 4/4; there were many parts that were two bars of 3/4, and then one of 2/4, which is obviously just two bars of 4/4. Still, whatever way you feel comfortable writing.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1257288
Cheers for the crit on mine. I'm just gonna crit a random two from your list.
Crit as I listen
Northern Call:
I like the intro, sounds like something that's been done before though.
The next repeated section is a bit boring, I'm guessing there's suppsoed to be singing on top though. It could do with some guitar variations.
Next bit could do with the drums changing a bit, like a bit just for the variation
Solo's pretty cool
Song's just getting a bit boring now by bar 66. Needs some new chords, or more lead
The break should come in earlier in the song unless you can vary the sections before a bit more. Bass sound good here

Unstable Frontier:
Intro riff is too generic, Too many bands have done this
Same for the next riff
Same for the next riff
This is a bit more original, but still generic, need some new chords now
Same for the solo really, I like it, it sounds really cool but it's just not original

I'm not trying to be a dick, but it's just my opinion
Sorry took a while for me to figure out that someone had posted on my thread :P.

Unstable Frontier:

Very very reminiscent of Iron Maiden.

Drumming at around bar 32 is nice.

Not sure if the high rack tom in bar 67 and 70 is suitable. Might just be GP.

Harmonization at the end is cool. Oh look, the bass finally decided to join in haha.

The outro is nice.

Alright, so individually the parts sound great. However, over all they're too hmmm. There is a lack of progression. The entire song runs at the same pace and this can make it boring. Perhaps have some sort of a climax somewhere where everything is epic and bombastic (usually a solo) or maybe a soft quiet part somewhere. You know, just vary the pace of the song a bit.

Also, be reallly careful with these kind of riffs. Too many bands have done them and are still doing them so its hard to not be generic. Although your song was really fun to listen to, I probably won't listen to it again because it lacks originality. Like there is nothing in the song that makes it yours and just yours. So work on that.

Sith Lord:

The intro progression is generic but that's not as much a problem as the drums not reinforcing the guitar's triplets. Put in bass drum triplets and it would sound much more powerful.

The riff that follows after is way to predictable and happy for my taste. The solo should be more hmm, progression based. Right now it just seems like you're improvising on your guitar w/out a backing track. Solos should follow some sort of progression.

Trolls n' Caves:

I'm pretty sure you were listening to Raining Blood before you wrote this... or some Slayer. Anyways, that's alright but the riffs are again predictable and generic. Its groovy and headbangable but its not soemthing I'd play over and over. It gets old fast. So try adding nuances and details to your compositions like that. The intro riff was really cool though. The random riff at the end was hmmm random.

Develop your ideas more. Think Intro-Verse-Chorus-Solo-Outro for now. And then change up things and expand out into weirder structures.

Northern Call:

First part is good but again, cliche.

The more harmonic minor scale from bar 30 onwards is nice. Breaks out from the more traditional riffing you have going on. Also reminds me of the Absence which can only be good.

Solo is alright.

I like the clean part. The progression is weird. And the bass is active.

The outro is powerful.

Again dude, try to be more original. If there are your first few compositions then this is excellent. But if you've been doing this for a while, then push yourself more.


The intro was meh. But the solo was nice. Some off notes that you should fix but the rest was solid.

Bars 14-17 need rhythms.

Alright overall dude, as I said earlier, if these are your first few compositions then you're good. Just push yourself harder. Try to go for melodies that are harder to predict. Stuff that you don't usually hear in songs. And use the bass a bit more. Its a shame to leave it to just mimic the guitar.

And crit the Tech-deth song in my sig. I deserve that for such a massive crit haha.
I thought they were all pretty good, I think the best were Unstable Frontier and Industrialize, the only real problem i had was bars 82-89 of Northern Call, I didn't think drums matched the riff very well, but other than that I really liked them.