The Fratellis are a Scottish alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Jon Fratelli (born John Lawler), bass guitarist Barry Fratelli (born Barry Wallace), and drummer, backing vocalist, occasional guitarist and banjo player Mince Fratelli (born Gordon McRory).
The band's name comes from the surname of the criminal family in the 1985 film The Goonies, although, by coincidence, Barry's mother's maiden name was also Fratelli. They played their first show on 4 March 2005 in the O'Henry's bar in Glasgow across the road from the famous Horseshoe bar, and received their first radio playing in 2005.

I have taken this info from Wikipedia and I am using it to see how many other people are interested in the band.
The Fratellis have a unique way of playing and performing, so i'd recommend giving them a listen.
This is why we can't have nice things!
There's no Fratellis thread already? Really?

That surprises me.

Anyway, Costello Music = On of the best albums of the '00s

Haven't had a chance to listen to Here We Stand yet.
Yeah, I was astonished that there wasn't a Fratellis thread already too, but I play at many school events and most of the songs I do are from that album.
Amazing stuff there.
This is why we can't have nice things!
I got addicted to 'Henrietta' when it first came out.

The album does what it does, and it does it well.
When I first started guitar, they were probably one of my favourite bands. I'll have to find the album again.

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flathead is a good song
Yeh really well written
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