hey, first post on the site and basically, i've got a vintage v100 les paul gold top, very nice guitar but i want to get into changing parts, making improvements, like first of all, i don't really have a clue what parts i can use that will fit on my guitar, the tuning pegs are horrible and i wanted to replace them with gibson ones but i don't know if they'll be the right length or size, i've never done any changes to a guitar, i'm too frightened to play about with it, i also wanted to change the pick ups but again, i wanted to change them to gibson soap bars, but will they fit in the space of my old ones? i don't know how to fight out measurements of these guitar parts oh and one more thing, i want a bigsby on it but i don't know where to start with that either! i'm a total noob and i don't wanna mess up my guitar, also, i have a problem with my G string, its always twangy, even when its new, its in tune but it always sounds horrible, any ideas? thanks for any replies
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