So I bought a Mark V from guitar center but returned it because I had to go up to college and when I left I wasn't sure if it could get the tones i wanted. I loved its many clean sounds and crunchy metallica like sounds, as well as its solo sounds but I felt it lacked some distortion and chug that I am seeking to get tones like trivium, killswitch, A7X and BTBAM. I want to get a combo for easy transport purposes and I would like some advice. I don't want to spend more than the price of a roadster (about 2,200). I want an amp that has a good clean sound, good versatility, and also a good modern metal type tone. I also want to be able get good creamy soloing tones. Any suggestions? I might end up just re-buying my Mark V because I know mesas take a lot of tweaking to get certain tones, but I would like to get a list of other amps to try out and hear some opinions.
The mark V takes some tweaking to get he best out of it. Its not conventional EQing. I never had a problem getting mine to a nice solo tone. for the metalcore sounds, it might not be the best though. Having a Scooped mid,m v formation helps a little but i've never been a fan of scooped mids.

Seriously try the roadster if you dont think the mark is your cup of tea.
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Seriously try the roadster if you dont think the mark is your cup of tea.

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I see you have a Road King. With enough tweaking can you tighten up that rectifiers sound and also achieve a really good solo tone?
I'd go with either a Roadster/Road King or a VHT UL, but it may be too dry.