Need help deciding on my switch/knob layout on my upcoming build. personally im leaning toward 4 or 3.

If you can think of a better layout for the knobs and switches u can make a example here. http://www.nymphusa.com/kisekae/8.0/sg8001/base.asp

Parts thread can be seen here. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=22846333#post22846333

1 6 position 4 pole rotary switch per pickup. this takes care of the following.

1. Series-In Phase
2. Single Coil (South)
3. Single Coil (North)
4. Parallel-In Phase
5. Series-Out of Phase
6. Parallel-Out of Phase

Then there will be three more knobs one for each tone control

EMG afterburner

One magnetic volume knob
One Acoustic volume knob/ mid dark switch

1 mini toggle per pickup (turn each pickup on and off separately)
1 mini toggle for the acoustic pickup on or off
the power switch will not be seen.




I would go with the usual 4 knobs and a toggle or 5 way switch for the pups. All those knobs make a nice looking guitar look a bit cheesy. Not to mention the complicated wiring and huge cavity they are going to need to route in order to fit all that stuff in possibly weakening the strength of the body not to mention it might have an effect on tone and/or sustain.

Maybe add a few knobs. Really you dont need all those controls. And it will begin to look like spaghetti inside with all the wires, circuit boards etc inside. As well as being overly complicated. I had a guitar years ago came with all sorts of switches for phase, series etc. Never used em or not enough to justify them being there.