Okay so I have around 500$ to spend. I was wondering if I should get a Line 6 Pod x3 or a Eleven Rack?

I heard a lot about both, but the eleven rack is about 400$ more, I could probably save for it. I'm not so sure which shall i get? The Eleven Rack has already dropped 400$ since release. So I'm guessing there not good? and so, if I do get a Line 6 Pod X3 , tell me if its a good choice?
You can get some awesome tones from pod x3. Go on youtube and check out some killrbuckeye videos. He uses one of the those and it sounds mad.
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Yeah, that's where I got the idea to buy one. His "The Sound Of Truth - by As I Lay Dying" is the current song I'm trying to learn, but my tone sounds nothing like the song.
What do you want to use it for? If it is for recording into your computer, then there is no competition - get the Eleven. If it is for live performances, the Pod X3 is probably going to be easier to use. The Eleven will give you better options and tones, but then again, it is a lot more expensive.
A little bit of both, I heard the Eleven has alot of delay when you step on the pedal, as in it doesn't kick in until around 2 seconds. Probally for Live Performances then.
There is a very good review of the Digidesign Eleven in the December 2009 issue of Guitarist magazine (a U.K. publication). It is worth checking out if you are considering the Eleven.
Mhmm I've been to alot of sites about reviews on the Eleven. Every I saw it it was 4 Star. Everywhere I saw the Pod X3 (not the live) it was 5Star.

So I Guess im settling with the pod?
Well, the Pod has been around a lot longer. Your best bet is to try them side by side. They both seem like good units and you should do well with either one.

If you really want to splurge, you could go with the Fractal Axe-Fx.
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I have the pod xt live and you cant go wrong with that, recording or live it does it all.