Hi everybody. I have an Ibanez RG320 that I don't really like because of the strat styled body and what not, but I love the neck. I was wondering if it were possible for me to bolt the neck onto another guitar body, like preferrably a flying V style. Is it possible to make this work?

Thank you.


Would I be better off just buying a flying V body by itsself from a guitar parts site or something?
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If the neck pocket has the same dimensions yes it would be. I think it would need to be the same scale length as well.
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if it has the same number of frets and the same scale length, yeah. you might have to shape the heel a bit to get it to fit well enough. I put an unfinished Ibanez neck on my squier. great change but it was a pain in the ass. the neck didn't have tuner mounting holes or a nut slot and I had to cut off a couple of frets to get the scale right. it was 24 fret and my old neck was 21.

if the new neck is the same as the old onwe then you won't have those kinds of problems.
in addition to what jim said you also have to make sure the heel ends under the same fret as the original neck on the flying V. Say its a 22 fret neck on both guitars. on the V the heel meets the body but it has 2 frets of fretboard overhang. The Ibanez neck will also need to have 2 frets of overhang. This will assure that the frets are in the exact same placement in relation to the bridge as the original neck, thus making the new neck work properly.

this is all hypothetical btw, i have no idea how many frets of overhang or # of frets the ibanez or V neck actually has.
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if you make the body, you can put whatever neck you want, just get the scale length right.
the other guys have gave good advice if you want to put it on a body from some other guitar.
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Just make a new body, that way all you would have to worry about is a virgin tight neck pocket and perfect scale length.

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