Alright, heres what I need. I need a program for Pro Tools that will let me load Cab Impulses. I would prefer if it was free but whatever works :p
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any convolution reverb plugin should work, I'm surprised Pro-Tools doesn't come with one since that's pretty much the new standard for digital reverb.
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You would but I'm digging through my effects and I don't have one. Either I'm missing something or it really doesn't come with one.
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you can shell out for the FXspansion VST>RTAS adapter, other wise I'm not really sure, there's surely a convolution plugin that comes in RTAS format, but I don't know of any off the top of my head.
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Here are two free VSTs that are latency free.

Taken from the Guitar Amp Modeling forums:

Voxengo Boogex
Get it here: http://www.voxengo.com/product/boogex/
Boogex is an amp-sim, if you want to use it ONLY for cab simulation, you have to set all the parameters FLAT, or it will change your eq/sound. So, open it and set, from the left: Lows Mids and Highs to 0db, Tone to 0%, Drive to 0db, Dynamics to 0%, Phase to 0%, Out as you want (it's the volume control), Dry Pre Cab and Dry Post Cab to "-inf" (knob all the way down). The "Speaker Cabinet Impulse Response" button MUST be ON, obviously. Then click on "file" and select your impulse (a .wav file). An important thing about Boogex: this software features a built in LPF and HPF. They can't be totally bypassed. The best thing to do is to open them to the max. How? Click on the green point in the right area of the graphic section of the interface and move it all the way to the right, then click on the white point in the left area and move it all the way to the left. This will "open" the filters.

Get it here: http://habib.webhost.pl/vst_keFIR.php
KeFIR is a simple VST that allows your to load impulse responses.
Just click on "Load", select you impulse response (a .wav file) then set the "Mix" parameter to 100% (this is important) and set the length as you want (more length = more cpu consumption). Don't set it too short or you'll end up bypassing the impulse. Most impulse responses (like the GuitarHack's ones) have the tail cutted, so set the length to the max is useless. Just leave it as is when you load the impulse.
Set the "Gain" knob as you want.
neither of those are available in RTAS format ^

unless the OP gets the VST-RTAS Wrapper from Fxpansion.
Well I do have the VST-RTAS wrapper somewhere on my HD (Cracked but never installed, I know, a little dishonorable) but I'd rather find a good RTAS plugin if possible.
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Is pretty far from free, at $495.00.