Could someone tell me what, if any, difference in sound there would be if I took a head that had 16 and 4 ohm outs and used the same cab+speakers, one time wired for 16 ohm, the other time wired 4 ohm?
Some people believe that there's a difference in sound (maybe in matters of clarity)...

But actually, I think you won't hear any difference...

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not a good idea to be messing with the values, espesialy with tube amps. can be fatal.
just use the right output and the right input, dont mess around.
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I guess I didn't say that I would use the 16 out for the cab when wired for 16 and 4 for 4.
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you wont notice much of a difference, but the sound is a little ..i dunno how to describe it.. fuller or like.. beefier when you use the 16 ohm out

I think the reasoning behind that, is that you're using all the winds of the output transformer's secondary with 16 ohms, and using much less when hooked up to the 4 ohm tap