Hey guys. What's a good multi fx which has knobs for each effect and parameter? i.e. a knob to choose the effect, a knob to choose the parameter and a knob to choose the level. I have an RP-50 atm but I really dislike the interface. I don't have a specific price range as I'll have to save for a while anyway. I will not be using this to gig with, just in the bedroom. It'll be going through a blues jr.
boss ME-20

It matches everything you just said and is really, really easy to use.
Epiphone Sg special <---meh

Peavey Vypyr 30 <---awesome

I'm really tempted to buy a Line 6 M9 or M13. Those carry the only Line 6 effects I really like (the DL4, FM4, etc.) and if you were to buy each of those stompboxes separately it'd end up being way more expensive. I tried the M13 and it was surprisingly easy to use (I have a Blues Jr too by the way). If you want one with a built in expression pedal I'd recommend searching for a used one on the internet because lots of people who start off with one eventually want to sell it and switch to regular pedals

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Vox tone lab series. They are beautiful and theres a tube to warm up your sound a little.
*lust list*
Vox tone lab
Vox ac50
satches time machine
vintage phase 90
Money towards this gear = $0.00

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boss ME-20

It matches everything you just said and is really, really easy to use.

That looks good, but I'm really liking the look of the ME-70 at the moment. The built in looper would be awesome too.

Thanks for leading me to it.