I've just got one of these off Ebay UK - about £260 for a 50 watt, all tube combo with 2 channels, 4/8 ohm speaker outs and FX loop, plus spring reverb!!

Has 3 x 12ax7 + 1 x 12au7 preamp tubes, and 2 x el34 power tubes. Covered in blue tolex with a chrome face panel and decorative panel on the front grille. Has a Celestion GT12 speaker which sounds great. Also the tubes are Electro-Harmonix - at this price point? Bloody 'ell!

I've just got a separate footswitch which allows switching between clean (with an optional 'crunch' boost, also footswitchable) and mean (with an optional 'filth' switch for even more...filth!).

Cleans are warm and chiming, the EQ responds well to allow tone shaping. The mean channel gain is awesome, doing everything from bluesy to Marshall crunch - the filth takes it into metal territory - not quite DM tones but you'd only need a little extra OD or distortion to get there...

I'm no expert but this amp sounds f**king phenomenal! I've posted a crap review on youtube which illustrates some of the tones. The vid doesn't show how amazing the tones are from this amp.

I was wary of buying this as I have a Vox VT50 which is a great amp with very realistic tube tones and response, plus it's more versatile than the Ashton; also I could find very little forum wise on the company, other than many reviews saying their guitars weren't that good, so I was well nervous - however I am chuffed to bits and I believe this is a cracking amp for WAY less than any other 50 watt combo besides the Peavey ValveKing 112, which I have read very mixed reviews of.

Anyone got any experience of these amps? Would like to start a thread on this as UG haven't approved my review yet and I hate it when there are no posts or reviews on a low profile but otherwise cracking product...