My set-up consists of my Ibanez RG 350DX, A Laney LX65R amp, and a little Digitech RP80 pedalboard. My Ibanez still has the shop pickups (INF3, INFS3, INF4).

I want my sound to get a nice lead tone, clean sounding so the notes are heard clearly, but without losing sustain. And also be capable of a bigger sounding tone, that gets harmonics well.

What do you guys think of replacing the pickups for a DiMarzio PAF Pro on the neck, and maybe a DiMarzio super distorsion? But i dont know if its a good combo, or even the prices would be affordable for me . But would it be a good idea to get the tones i explained above?, or should i look forward for something else?

Thanks for the help!
The first thing would be to get rid of the digitech pedal. The cheap mulitFX like that may do lots of things but all that digital processing they really eat up your tone. Decide what FX you like and buy those pedals.

Buying pickups at this point wont do very much if anything for your tone.
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You should post a clip of your sound. Laney makes pretty decent amps, so that's a plus. Sustain isn't just one thing either though. It's the guitar, the amp, the settings, the pick ups, your playing and so on.

And indeed Digitech isn't know for it's high end quality. And also, you get what you pay for ;-). The sounds/tone you hear on a CD are usually heavily edited and made on very expensive rigs. You might be expecting something that's simply not possible.

Anyway, record a little so we can listen!
Those LXs aren't all that great, just cheap SS practice combos....the only sensible upgrade is a new amp at this stage.
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Thanks for the advise . Hmm i cannot replace my ampi, since its has been recently bought, replacingand old yamaha 15w.

I cant record right now, but i have this old video on youtube playing, you can check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T16Tku4bJNg

And about the effects, well yes i know the digitech its not high quality (when playing very high, the distorsion hurts many ears lol) i have a little BOSS MD-2 pedal, which is nice, but i find myself using more often my digitech since it has more effects i want (even if not of quality). What about getting a multieffect boss pedal board? i looked and found the GT-10 BOSS pedal, even though its expensive, it seems it can last a loooong way. Or maybe im wrong
I'm no tone expert but have you tried fine tuning your EQ and just relying mainly on the volume with a little gain and perhaps a chorus or slight reverb effect for your lead tone, you'll want some gain on there so you can hear the harmonics but you don't want too much because your notes will start to bleed into one big noise, unless you have noise reduction on the pedal or your good at muting strings.
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