Hi, I left my Walden at one of my friends houses and when I came back to get it there was blue paint on the headstock!

The paint is the kind graffiti artist use, Montana gold.

How can I remove the paint without doing any damage to my guitar?
Will White Spirits work?

Thanks in advance.
You'll need to do a little research if you want to remove that paint with chemicals. You'll need to find out what kind of paint you want to remove (latex, acryllic, etc. ) and also, what the finish is on your guitar and use a solvent that will remove the paint, but not damage the finish. Otherwise, if there isn't too much on there, scrape it with a razor blade and buff the finish with rubbing/ polishing compounds.
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This. There really is no way to remove dried on paint from a finish without removing some of the finish, but you can try, and if you do remove some of the finish, just readd some finish (whatever it may be) and buff it down to look nice.
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If it's quite a bit of paint, just take all the finish/paint off the whole thing and refinish it.
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Yes, Acetone removed a bit of the finish but not the paint, I may just have to leave it..
surprising that acetone did not remove the paint...

i'd punch your friend in the face, or have him get you a new guitar. that's some serious business.
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acetone removes everything. Even the lacquer if you leave it on too long. I've used it to remove the glue from a pick guard that came off and it didn't bother the lacquer at all.