So i've got the ESP M-200FM guitar with the LH-300 pickups and im thinking of changing them out for EMG 81 and 60.

I want my distortion to sound sharper, a bit more presence and i want my clean to have a bit more bass and sound smoother.. if you know what i mean.

So what i want to know is how much impact will changing my pickups have on my sound and is it worth the money. And also how much hassle is it to install them.
Feel free to suggest any other pickups.
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EMGs come with the quick connect system now, so installation isn't very hard at all, unless you wantsome crazy wiring scheme.

youll notice an improvement in tone, but the value of the upgrade is up to you, really..
what amp do you play through?

it might not be worth upgrading if you dont have a very good amp
I can tell u that ur clean tone will most likely get worse...i have the same amp and the passive EMG h4's in my mh-301 and even they drive the preamp too much to get a nice clean. they do however sound really good with a coil tap.

Lead channel will be awesome tho
I recently got an 81X and a 60X and they sound really really good. Waaay better than my shitty Ibanez INF3-4. I'm not sure about the original 81 and 60 though.