so i have a 100w SS amp atm, its a 70s model VOX, lead 100 q series to be exact, im getting a Valve head, and dont have cash for a cab for a few months so i would like to convert the combo to run as a cab as well.

My idea it to install a switch that will alow me to change the input to the speaker, eather the combo head or my new head.

so would rigging my new head into my old speaker be as simple as installing a 1/4" jack with the two wires coming off the speaker connected to it, then simply pulging my new head in?

or would i have to install some other electronics before hand?

thanks james
yep, you can put a switch in.
I actually did the same thing for a little while, when I got a new head but didnt have a cab built yet.

- get a DPDT switch (it's got 6 lugs)
- disconnect the wires going to your speaker from the old combo amp, and put them on the top 2 lugs of the switch.
- to the bottom 2 lugs, connect a 1/4" jack (this is where you'll plug the head into)
- wire the speaker to the middle 2 lugs

or, if you're not going to use the combo amp at all, you can just disconnect the wires that go to the speaker, and wire the jack directly to the speaker.

I'm sure the speaker power rating should be fine, but make sure the impedances match