Hey guys,

I've got an Epi Firebird Studio which I play through a Laney Cub 10 and I've noticed that if I roll off the volume to clean things up I seem to lose a lot of the top end, even with the tone control maxed out on the amp and guitar.

I was wondering if this is to do with the pickups, the volume pot or something else?

I'm thinking of replacing the pickups with these from gfs http://store.guitarfetish.com/bibrpiwivito.html which means the volume pots will have to change so I can do the whole coil tap thing, but I'm not sure whether this'll help.

Oh just as an aside I noticed that somewhere the stock epi bridge pup was rated at something just over 13k resistance, which seems a little high for a vintage styled alnico type pup.


Errr... you could just switch KEEP the pups and replace the electronics, since the epiphone stock electronics aren´t really that good.

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The most obvious thing to do is install a treble bleed cap, it's a simple mod. That will reduce the amount of top end you lose when rolling off the volume. You could also look at replacing the current 500k pots with 1m, that will increase output and top end response in general.
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Rolling of the volume on your guitar the first things to go are the top end. Most guitars dont come stock with the treble bleed cap set up. As seagull said its a really simple mod and pretty cheap. Just need 1 cap. There are plenty of tutorials thru google to show you how and where to do it.