I know I just need to solder a tone cap to it. One end is supposed to be grounded and the other should be on one of the little rings. (not sure the technical name for them) The out put for the pot should still be the middle one, right? My question is which ring do I solder to? I've tried to figure it out but the tone pot always seems to do nothing. It's a .o2 cap. Also for a master tone I wire it to the input on the volume pot, right?
the tone pot doesn't have an input and output in the sense that you're thinking.
a tone pot is in parallel with the circuit..

if you're looking at the pot from the bottom (as if it's mounted in the hole, and you're looking from underneath the pickguard/ from behind into the control cavity), and with the lugs (the ring things) pointing away from you, the left lug gets soldered to the input of the master volume.
the capacitor gets soldered between the tone pot's middle lug and ground.
the right lug stays disconnected from anything

hope that helps

edit: oh, and try to find a .047 cap if possible.. thats like, the standard cap, usually
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