Does in flames vocal used any kind of instrument while recording songs like, only for the weak, pinball map, square nothing, etc.

i dont knw how to explain. i feel like he can starch his vox when he goes one word to another word. His voice is not typical death also not like thrash.

What can be done to get this type of voice? If he used any kind of instrument or technique then pls tell me. Does he use some,e kind of vocal effects?
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I get what you mean, and I haven't a clue. I'll be watching this thread though as I'm very curious.

It's likely the way he has devloped his voice over the years. Early In Flames was a lot more of the "typical" vocals (I don't mean that in a bad way, I like the band) so I'd guess he's just managed to refine it that way through the years.

You wont get that kind of voice without practice, but thats the same for any of the scream/growl styles. If you figure it out, let me know!