hey guys i jus checked few vids of the dime amp from NAMM '09....now i pretty much love dime's work n his tone big time..ima huge fan....well i liked the sound of the amp,its aggressive n bright...fittin my taste well...does anyone have any idea when will it be available in stores?? the dean site has no info..would it be a good buy? and if not wat else could i look at??considerin my budget is not more than $500...

PS:don turn this into a "dean cashin in on dime thread"...i know they are but its affordable and sounds okay...
Isn't the amp he actually used fairly cheap?
Wasn't it a Randall solid state 100w head? Just get that...
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i did search tht its not available anywhere...n moreover he used tht(randall) amp wit lots of other stuff to get his sound it doesnt turn out so cheap if i were to get all of them...
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^that or get the Warhead SS amp, which was still relatively cheap...i played it like almost a year ago with a friend who is a HUGE Dime enthusiast, and the sound was beautiful for that heavy thrash style of theirs. i think it had some built in fx, but i don't remember well. if you like Pantera though, i'd get the Warhead.
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discontinued like 6 years ago
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he used randall century100's for most of his career... just search ebay?
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I can't believe someone really likes his tone.. But yeah, a SS Randall should get you close to his sound for not much money.

I like his tone ...but I don't like signature gear. You can get dimes sound easily without buying that amp.
You could stick a Landmine LD-1 pedal in front of just about any amp and get the Pantera sound.
Dime had tone?

Don't get me wrong, he was a great speed and technical guitarist, but tone? I always thought Pantera sounded like complete ass.
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There are actual "DIME" amps. Let me find a picture.

I've never heard any sound clips, but if it's made by Dean, I can't imagine it being any good. And this is pretty old news. I think there was a thread about this back in August or September...

If you really want Dime tone, do what's already been stated and find an old Randall Century or Warhead, get an old Washburn Dime, and toss a Bill Lawrence XL-500 in the bridge.

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but dime was moving more towards Krank amps
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Quote by SpawnSC
but dime was moving more towards Krank amps

he was playing them exclusively at the end I believe...dime never played that 'dime' amp. it's an amp that his tech built I believe...like most sig gear...the artist rarely plays that item
just get an old Warhead and go on with your life
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just get an old Warhead and go on with your life


TS, just because it's not on the company's website doesn't mean it's not available. Ebay/Craigslist/Classifieds/Kijii are your best friends. you just have to do some hunting.

if you really want to get the "dimebag" sound, here's my advice:
1. Get two EQs
2. Set the first EQ for a mid boost
3. Set the 2nd EQ for a mid scoop
4. Insta-Dime.
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there's nothing wrong with liking Dime's tone. would i use it? not for anything other than Pantera songs probably. do Pantera's songs suck b/c his tone wasn't what we usually consider 'great' tone? no. like has been stated in many Dime tone debates before, his tone worked great for what they were playing. and that's all that matters. i still get pumped listening to some Pantera any day, whether the tone is something i'd use or not.

and i wasn't aware the Warheads were outta production lol. the one i saw at a store last year was still in brand new condition...i shoulda had my friend pick that thing up while it was still layin' around...might of been a decent price for an out of production amp...oh well....
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"They call him the 'Sand Spider.' -Why? -Probably because it sounds scary"
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