Ordered just before new year, got the call from Allans Music today telling me it was in.
Orange Thunderverb 50 head and PPC412 straight cab. I had a Rockerverb 50 before, and the dark character of the amp (6L6's) annoyed me immensely. Enter Thunderverb. EL34's make ALL the difference. The crunch and "tightness" I craved from the RV are abundant in the TV. For those that don't know, thanks to ETR technology, the amp is compatible with basses, and though I'm not a bassist, My 69' Fender Competition Mustang sounds AMAZING. Because of this technology, as you would probably imagine, the low-end produced is fantastic, making it ideal for drop-tunings and I'd imagine 7-stringers.

I would describe the cleans on channel A as warm and full, as opposed to channel B's cleans being "pickier" and I'd imagine more "Fender-esque". As for od/distortion, Channel A id definitely the way to go for that British classic crunch, all the way up to harder classic rock. Say from AC/DC to the Gunners & The Darkness. As for channel B- definitely a modern edge. Arrivaderci 3-band eq, hello interactive shape knob. Left scoops the mids, increases the bass and treble, right does the opposite and boosts the mids. As I previosly mentioned, my Thunderverb has that "tightness" I missed in the Rockerverb.

In terms of metal, Metallica is definitely there, I don't care what other people say. Any harder than that and you may want and OD. Luckily, metal head I ain't.
Extremely versatile amplifier, amazingly transparent fx loop, foot-swithchable channel/reverb/attenuator (which is amazing by the way). The sustain it has is amazing. Think Santana leads..

The PPC412 (quad Vintage 30's) perfectly complement the amp. This really is a rad amp, and I'm really psyched. Before I pulled the trigger, other amps I tried, and didn't like as much (obviously): Marshall Plexi, JCM900, JCM800, JVM410h, and Vintage Modern.

Ok, ima go play now


Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Ebony)
1969 Fender Competition Mustang Bass (Competition Red)
Orange Thunderverb 50 head
Orange PPC412

Fulltone OCD V 1.4
EHX Big Muff PI
EHX Small Clone
Boss TU-3
Doesn't it hurt the speakers when you play a bass through it?

That is really cool. Sweet.
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