I am in a great cover band and we have played at open mic's but we have more song's to offer, and want to play at a bar or a full set, how do you go about doing it?
What I do is make a promotion packet with band info, pic´s, set list, buisness cards, cd with the songs that your band actually played and recorded ( does not have to be all of them) and give them out where ever you want to play. And always be positive no matter what !!!!! Good luck because it´s hard out here with all the competition.
Search locally. If you have a myspace check around for booking agencies that are doing shows in or around your area and send em message. If you can't do that then ask around, possibly ask some other bands if you know them.
I would check out places you want to play at and see what the other bands are like. Ill take your word and say you are i na real good band. Ive heard a lot of people say im in an awesome band but you go see them and thats not the case. Clubs and bars will get a rotation of bands and call back the ones they like or draw a large crowd. I highly recomend doing promo pack and a lot of places are online and will look at your myspace if you have one as a promo pack. I can tell you it is a pain to get your name out there at first but if you are good your name will spread and other clubs will eventually be calling you instead of you calling them. Be persistant at first. I got the cold shoulder a lot until we finally got a chance to play the nthe rest is down hill. GL and remember your one of a million cover bands out there so set yourself apart from the rest and kick some ass!
1. myspace bands
2. youth centres
3. local areas
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play out
ask bartenders
PM me about logos and merch

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