Alright so i've been debating for some time on which pedal i am going to dedicate to and lay down some cash for, and i'm just not sure right now. I'm curious to know if the chorus on the Polychorus pedal by Electro Harmonix is close to the Small Clone chorus pedal. I'm a nirvana fan and i'm going for that Nevermind distortion/chorus mix, and i want to know which pedal is best for that but also for some In Utero tracks as well. I understand that the Polychorus is also used on In Utero (RFUS, Scentless Apprentice, etc) a bit as well and so i want to know if the Polychorus is capable of the producing sounds for In Utero and the Nevermind sound as well. If you know anything, that would be great if you could help me out, thanks.
so it'll work for come as you are, smells like teen spirit really well? and handles everything In Utero as well also?