Hi there, I have been reading posts by owners of the Peavey Classic 30, and quite a number recommend switching the stock Blue Marvel speaker with something else (Celestion, for example) There's a couple of interesting Youtube posts that offer demonstrations with of a number of different speakers. From the way I see, the primary problem with their test, is that they are using a tuned port closed cabinet forthe test. A combo cabinet with its open back, is going to produce a completely different sound. Has anyone out there swapped out the Blue Marvel, for say, a Celestion G12H 30 70th Anniversary, or a Celestion Gold Alnico?

Second question: what sort of results or improvments would I see if I was to hook up a EQ pedal (i.e., Boss), particularly for use on the "2nd"channel?
I own a peavey valveking (openback - close enough to the classic 30 ?) and the speakers peavey use (specifically in the VK) are horribly muddy. Once I replaced the speaker with a Celestion V30 it was like owning a different amp.
If I had the cash I would rather have put in the Alnico Gold (Best guitar speaker money can buy) but it's almost 3x the price of the V30.

I can't comment on the second question though.
Hope this helps a bit.
^ The alnico gold might not be a good choice for the VK though, depending on what styles you play.

It would, however, be absolutely perfect for a 1x12 Classic 30 combo. EL84s and Alnico blues = teh secks.
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Yes, your replies were great, and aside from my own investigations I base a lot of what I do on other's experiences, particularly with things that I know little about! So you wetre really happy with the V30, thats great, I have heard great things about it.

it would be the classic 'speakers are better than the amp' deal, would def be an upgrade though.
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