hi there i have a wiring problem that has baffled me for a few days now, i have an ibanez rg350dx with a seymour duncan invader in bridge, stock single coil pup in middle and bareknuckle nailbomb neck position. first of all i have checked and double checked thw wiring codes for each manufacturer and have followed diagrams on the seymour duncan website regarding the H/S/H 1 tone 1 volume and 5 way selector configuration.

My problem is, that selections 1 and 5 have no signal flowing through them whatsoever, if anybody would like to aid me to some decent sites or offer me some diagrams and or information i would be greatfull, thanks in advance
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The seymour duncan site has never let me down for wiring diagrams.

You get sound in 2,3 and 4, is that all the same? i.e. just middle is working? If so, then I think you have a problem with the way you've wired the humbuckers.

Have you wired them exactly as the diagram, or have you put coil splits in there?


You can prove if you have the humbuckers wired right by desoldering them, and using a meter - read the resistence between the hot and the ground, or temporarily wiring it straight to the output jack and seeing if it works - although you should be SD right easily enough as there are no colour code translations to do.
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i wired it according to the diagram, no splits or anything, desoldered then and allsorts, im gonna try an alternative method ive found on a site, where i wire the two taped wires (red and white) to the second pin on the slector to see if this makes position 1 for bridge to work
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