Up for sell is a Phil Jones Bass Buddy. These retail for $399 I am letting this one go for $170 because it has two issues.

The first is the unit fell and the on/off switch broke in the off position so I hardwired it on. All this means is that the unit will be on as soon as you plug it in. If you are using batteries you would have to remove them between sets to avoid battery drain.

The second is that the DI seems to have an issue when running a line out at the same time. The only time the issue arises is when I am running into a PA as well as using my power amp. The DI works fine alone, as well as the line and speaker out it just seems whenever I would run the DI into a mixer and use the line into my power amp I would get a crazy type of feedback and the power light would flash on and off. I would remedy this one of three ways. I would run Bass to DI box to preamp giving the house my raw bass signal Then DI to Bass Buddy. Or I would run Bass to preamp then line out to DI box then speaker out to power amp. Or I would run Bass to preamp then line out to power amp and then power amp parallel to DI box(this was my preferred method.)

Other than these two issues the preamp works flawlessly. The eq works wonders for bass and make it a very flexible preamp. My favorite feature is the preamp doesn’t screw with your tone when set flat. The compressor is very useful for bass. It doesn’t give the flexibility of a stand-alone compressor but does just fine for my needs. The aux-in and headphone jack make it a perfect practice amp. The headphone amp is a little noisy but its easily drowned out when you start playing.

Includes Bass Buddy, AC adapter, Case 1/8" to 1/4' adapter, RCA to 1/8" adapter.

$170 CONUS shipped paypal