Hey guys, just recently started getting into trying to make my voice better. Still lacking a lot of confidence, but I'm a big fan of Jesse Lacey's voice. I was wondering exactly what techniques I should be utilizing during this song (I'll post a link) and how exactly to do it. Thanks guys!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDrTEoHVYMk
Starts at about 1:50
It sounds kind of in between screaming and singing, and I love how it sounds. Just not sure how to imitate it.
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Sing as loud as possible till your voice cracks... wouldn't recommend this

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You have to make sure that you can sing at this pitch in your "regular" voice EASILY. Then you have to tighten the muscles around your chest. Start to sing in your regulr voice and try to tighten the muscles in your throat. Watch out, stop when you're feeling uncomfortable.

Try to cough a few times. You'll notice a certain tightness of your throat just before you really cough. This is the one you need.
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tightness of your throat
Either this was worded poorly, or it's just bad advice. Tightening or straining your throat is the one thing that is really harmful to your voice. Screaming with bad technique is a guaranteed way to kill your voice.
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just sing loudly and push, eventually you'll get that tone, but it's tough on the vocal chords.
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Alright that's what I figured guys. Sometimes I try singing along in the car but I haven't had that luxury in a while being at college without a car. Thanks for the help.
All of our days are numbered
I’ve taken some comfort
In knowing the wave has crested
Knowing I don’t have to be an exception
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All that advice about pushing, tightening, etc. can be found in the above-referenced thread. Have fun with that. That's why it has its own thread and why the people there and the people here are often entirely different people.

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