I'll join, I'm a guitarist, just E-mail me and we'll get started. I won't use any of the stuff I have right now but I can write original material if we want to.


Some old recordings: http://www.purevolume.org/shadowsoldiersofsound

And my newest track (Though poorly recorded, it was cold :P): http://consoledev.webs.com/2009-11-10%2016_56_34.wav

I have many more that we can use but my technique is shit. With electronic programs, though, my writing skill can compensate. I just have to keep my vision on a leash because it's a real....FREEK, one might say XD
melodic non-screaming or Ensiferum-like screaming/singing, with no chuggetychuggety riffs.

If that describes the band, PM me and we'll discuss futher.
nice im up for that. i rely like ensiferum-eternal wait is fukin sickning.
My main style is a mix of oldschool death/thrash and hardcore punk. As u can probably tell I play rhythm mainly, but my tastes are realy wide. everything from classical to classic stuff like blue cheer, zeppelin, cream and a bunch of metal stuff.
I have a pretty sick recording rig and have EZdrummer. the recordings on my page are rly old. the latest one is the planet caravan jam. the riffs are from my noob era lol
but yeh, comment me if u wana start shit up.