I'm currently playing through a 7-String Schecter C-7 Diamond Series, which comes with some Duncan Designed active pickups that I hate. The clean on them sounds pretty terrible and they don't have much character to them.

So, I'm looking for options and opinions on switching. I'm currently in a blues/rock band playing lead/some rhythm. Anyone got any suggestions? Here's a pic of the current PU's....

You may want to for Dimarzio PAF's. Good all-around pickup, even for 7 strings.
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Since your pickups have the oversized covers you'll probably be limited to either active Seymour Duncan Blackouts or any of the active EMG pickups. Read post 8 in the link below. It shows the 2 styles of 7 string pickups. None of the DiMarzio pickups have the oversized covers like your pickups. I don't know if they make a mounting ring that could be used with the Dimarzios to make them look right and cover the bigger pickup cavity.
Dang, yea I was hoping someone might know if there was rings that I could like, just fit a normal 7-string humbucker in there instead of the extended housing ones that EMG/Seymour sells.

Well, I guess that's alright, i'll probably just go with the EMG's then. And probably fit my 6-string with PAF's or something...