im just looking for some input on how to properly position my floyd rose tremolo in the right scale on my squier strat?? im getting confused because if i need to adjust the intonation, wont my guitar be out of scale? or does that little amount of movement not affect it much?

also!....ive been playing a LTD lately and its really heavy and full sounding metal guitar, what can I do to make my squier sound like that??

I'm not exactly sure about the first part of your question but I think I can help you out with the second half:

To "make" your squier sound good for metal, you could reroute your pickup cavities to accommodate non-X series EMGs which are known to be largely unaffected by a guitar's tonewood. That's basically the only thing you can really do, "metal" guitars tend to use mellower woods such as mahogany, or even basswood in some cases (think Jackson Dinkys and Ibanez RGs) and squiers are made out of agathis, cheap ash and other brighter sounding woods.

It should also be noted that the combined cost of new EMGs, a new pickguard, new electronics, locking tuners (which floating bridges require) and a real floyd rose could easily be upwards of $400. You may just want to save up for the LTD.
im just trying to figure out how to get my floyd rose in the right spot on the guitar so it is still in 25.5 scale!

but my concern is, if i adjust the saddles to change the intonation, will the guitar go out of tune?
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