Right. So I have a gig tomorrow night, and we're practicing and my clean channel is as loud as it normally is, but my over drive channel isn't getting as loud as a 100 watt amp should. I kept turning it up and all of a sudden my amp starts getting kinda fizzily and crackely, it's done this once before a few days ago, but it stopped. I looked in through the grill and when facing down on the amp, the left 2 tubes were glowing very brightly, but the right 2 tubes were really dim.

It's not getting as loud, the amp is crackely and fizzily, and 2 of my tubes aren't glowing.

I'm fairly certain this is a tube issue. I called a music place and asked if they could slap in some JJ's and bias it by tomorrow and they said they could, assuming there was nothign wrong otherwise.

I've had this amp for about 9 months, and it came with the tubes that have been in there a for a long while I'm guessing. I think they're EHX tubes, but I kinda forget.

So, is this a tube issue?

EDIT: after it started getting crackely and what not, it started to smell like it was burning.
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get new tubes....electroharmonics tubes suck and you`ll be better off with the JJs

99% of the time when a tube blows it leaves a charred residue or small crack in the glass, pull your tubes and check.
Sure sounds like blown tubes. Good luck with your gig. And props for the Guinness

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