ok so im a newb to gear.... Midi..rack effects...way past my expertise.

I have no idea how to hook some of this stuff up. Here is a list of my gear, can someone post what goes to what and what all cables will i need? Ideas..?

1. Voodoo Lab GCX
2. Voodoo Lab GCP2
3. TC Electronic G-Major 2
4. Furman Power Conditioner
5. Boss FV-500 (for expression effects)
6. Morley Power Wah
7. Line 6 XDS-95
8. Mesa Boogie Roadster HD

Help?? oh..and good luck lol
well im not a complete idiot dude i have a basic idea Im just needin some suggestions to where i can hook it up in the best way
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How did you buy all this and not know how to hook it up?

This. I'm confused as well.
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Well, since the GCX probably won't be able to replace the Roadster footswitch, I'd just leave it out of the rig. I'd make a pedalboard with the reciever for the XDS-95 going to the wah going to the amp. I'd also put the Mesa footswitch and the GCP + expression pedal on the board. Since that means 3 cables running from the board to the amp/rack (signal, Mesa FS, MIDI) I'd buy a Pedal Snake ( http://www.pedalsnake.com ) to combine them together.

I'd then run the GCP directly into the MIDI in of the G-Major.

The rack and amp would all be powered by the Furman.

It's not perfect - you have to independently power the pedalboard for example - but it's how I would combine that gear. If it were my rig, I'd buy a rack wah and rack wireless, and get all the powered stuff off your pedalboard so it's just one wire from the board to the amp/rack.
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Substitute the stage for the wire, and he's got it.
There probably is a manual with those products right? Maybe read that and see how things work to hook it up.

If you're wondering about the order, google is your friend.
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well my basic idea is to use the GCX to control the 4 channels of the mesa and the solo function.. and use the one loop for the g major 2 and that leaves 2 loops open on the GCX. I will prolly run an OD808 in one. will this work?
the confusing part to me is how to use the loops in the GCX with the GCP and also use the GCP to control the Gmajor at the same time. And uh..yeah it comes with manuals... But you go look at them on the websites and then tell me how easy it is to figure out..uh no.