Poll: How many nights per week do you eat out?
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View poll results: How many nights per week do you eat out?
0 0%
27 43%
22 35%
7 11%
2 3%
1 2%
2 3%
0 0%
2 3%
Voters: 63.
well...you read the title (I hope)

Consider it on average nights/week.

Edit: college students count when ur at home
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eh, at most usually once a week. maybe two times every so often.

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I haven't had a home cooked meal in a long time. I usually just go buy a sub at the store I work.
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If we're talking food, maybe once a month.
if you said eat out instead of dine out this thread would have a billion views at least

anyways i dine out whenever i feel like/whenever i have the money. however working in a restaurant kitchen has made me super critical of restaurants now, and eating so much free food in the kitchen kind of makes me reluctant to spend money on it
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if u count picking up pizza, an average of 2, but usually 1.
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Once a month if I have time.
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I voted one but then I realized I go out for lunch like 6 days a week. I dunno if that counts though.
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food, perhaps once every 3 or 4 weeks,

anything else, whenever i can afford it
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More then seven, i eat out constantly, I snack at home.

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