hello everybody.

ive been playing guitar for like 4ish years but i've always just had normal strings on my guitar.

I have an older guitar that i would like to be able to tune down LOW but i don't know what guage strings i should get. So this would be my first time venturing out into playing death metal/deathcore stuffs.

I also heard that you can tune a 7 string to a 6 string, and just omit the high E.

And if your wondering what I want to play, i listen to bands like Veil Of Maya, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, ect...

And if your just going to say "theres no need to tune that low" then don't bother posting.

Assuming you have .09s now I'd just move 1 step up for now, get 10's, get used to that, and then move up again if you feel you need too. It's that simple. I like DR tight fits.

In other words, your fingers need to build up strength when moving up.