Hey guys I got some time on my hands and thought I would mess with my pedals.
I currently have a Morley Bad horsie Wah 2, metal zone (MT-2), Noise suppressor (NS-1), Compression sustainer (CS-3), and an Ibanez Tube screamer.

Morley,Cs-3,mt-2,Tube screamer, NS-1 looped back to the morley. Guitar into input of NS-1 and the output of NS-1 goes to the Input of my Marshall.

I dont really use the Tube screamer that much and it all sounds decent right now but I am just looking for anyway to improve the sound. And i use the gold plated monster cables on EVERYTHING for maximum output
Jackson RR1
Schecter S-1
MG 100 hdfx (for now)
CS-3,Tubescreamer,NS-2,Morley bad horsie 2, and MT-2 (garbage)