It's obviously because the dog sticks to everything.
By reading this magnificently and wonderful, adjective-filled signature, you have just wasted approximately 7 seconds of your life.
Maybe I'm just insane from the lack of sleep

Maybe I just want an excuse to call a witch hunt
They probably just put the sofa against the floor.

But that laughing is a wee bit too creepy for my liking.


Actually, wtf is going on here?
Cam Sampbell's my hero
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It's really well set up but for a brief moment you can see that's a fake wall behind them. Though it is kinda funny it amazes me why some would go to such trouble for such an idiotic clip.

Oh well, I can't actually say it surprises me...
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Who pirates Winrar? that has to be the most passive aggressive program I've ever seen.

"hey you should really buy me, the 40 days is up"
* hits X button*
" Oh okay, maybe next time?"

You sir have just won a thousand internets.