Okay, so I've been trying to restring my guitar with 11s. It has 10s in it now, and the tension isn't as high as I want it to be (buzz everywhere, driving me insane). The issue is that strings on the lower end will not fit into the nut.

Is this a common problem? What can I do to make them fit?
Is there another way I can increase tension? (The truss rod is fine, the action is perfect)
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Most nuts are only cut for a 46 low E from the factory, you're going to have to get it filed, and most likey a truss rod adjustment as well.
What one would generally do to make heavier strings fit into the nut is either file the nut slots a little wider or get a technician to file them.
You want tighter strings? Buy the next size up if you want more tension. As for the nut thing unless they were filed for 10 gauge strings they won't fit too well. You can take it to your music shop and ask them for a 11 guage file to make the string fit in the nut slot. What I've done though is just let the string "pop" in and after a few months of playing the string makes a hole for itself.
Yeah, I have the next size up. And I don't feel like playing with crappy intonation for months waiting for the string to "pop in," so that wasn't really helpful.

The rest of you guys were. For filing, is it possible for me to just shave off a tiny bit so that the string slides in? Or do I need special tools?
Jackson Rhoads V: The Hippie-Slayer
just take some fine sandpaper and sand the slots down..but stop in intervals and see if your string will fit.when it will then use really fine sandpaper to smooth it out

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